Strawberry Yogurt Recipe
Strawberry Yogurt Recipe

Strawberry Yogurt Recipe
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Strawberry Yogurt Recipe. We strongly feel that a day without making food and taking mouth watering pictures is a criminal waste. This time we decided to bring a very unique concoction to you. If you want an elegant dessert that is easy and quick to make, low on budget and super on taste, then look no further we bring you a very tasty blend of strawberry and yogurt as we mentioned Strawberry Yogurt Recipe.

We all love desserts as they are not only glamorous but also makes one feel special. Hence, this recipe is a surefire way to impress anyone!  And what we love the most about this beautiful treat is that it is a breeze to make. It is as much a feast for the eyes as it is to the taste buds. A very small amount of your precious time goes into preparing this scrumptious dish with Strawberry Yogurt Recipe and once it is done you feel like a domestic goddess!   Make this soothing dish either for an army of guest or only to calm your nerves.  We are here with Strawberry Yogurt Recipe.

Yogurt Benefits:

Coming to the recipe dairy foods contain a considerable amount of proteins, which acts as immunity enhancers and energy boosters as well as weight loss agents and a very popular dish that comes to mind when we hear dairy is yogurt. Our breakfast table looks sad and empty without a bowl full of creamy yogurt.Yogurt is a basic dairy product full of probiotics that has been consumed since ages as a common part of diet all over the globe.

With time yogurt has been modified to get the maximum benefits of the nutritious food. The velvety smooth yogurt along with its aroma and relishing taste makes it one of the most popular dish among people of all age groups. Hence, this substantial recipe will serve as boost of energy to kick start your day. So we use it in Strawberry Yogurt Recipe.

Strawberry Benefits:

Strawberries have been around since ages and make some of the most succulent desserts worldwide.  The mouth watering fruit is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, and cultivated varieties are widely grown throughout the world. The fruits are rich in vitamin C– a compound known to increase immunity and save you from many diseases. Its main ingredient of Strawberry Yogurt Recipe.

Among several uses of strawberries the most common ones are as a dessert fruit or as a pastry or pie fillings. Strawberry cake—made of fresh strawberries, sponge cake, and whipped cream is a popular American sweet course.  Strawberries are a fruit which can be eaten immediately without any further processing  however, there are many commercial uses of strawberry nowadays which couldn’t have been imagined a few centuries ago. Another wholesome element used in this blend are our very treasured dry fruits. Assembled with other flavorsome ingredients they give a crunchy touch to your dessert.

The aromatic fruits mixed with healthy yogurt serves as one of the most nutritious dishes of the century.

Garnish it with your favorite dry fruits and the whiff will take you back to your grandma’s kitchen.


Main Ingredients:

Half Cup Fresh Cream
Half Cup Yogurt
3 sliced bananas
4- 5 sliced strawberries
2 Table Spoons Condensed Milk or you can also use powdered Sugar if condensed milk is not available
1 Table Spoon Vanilla Essence
1 Table Spoon Strawberry Syrup
1 Table Spoon Strawberry Jelly

For Garnish:

Handful of dry fruits of your choice.


  1. Put fresh cream in a bowl and whip it with an electric beater for 5 minutes it will be better if you use chilled cream.
  2. Now add yogurt and condensed milk and beat further until smooth.
  3.  Add a few drops of vanilla essence and strawberry puree to get a satin looking pink yogurt. (use fresh yogurt for best results)
  4. Add strawberry jelly and mix further with a spoon.
  5. Now add banana and strawberry chunks  (You can also alternate between your choice of fruits for example kiwi, apple etc.)
  6.  Garnish it with your favorite dry fruits
  7. Layer your serving bowl with strawberry syrup.
  8. Add creamy strawberry yogurt in the serving bowl.

Note: Condensed milk can be made at home by mixing 1 cup milk with half a cup of sugar and a pinch of baking soda for half an hour or until the mixture turns creamy on low to medium flame.

 Dig in and regale your taste buds!

Article by: Khaula Mansoor


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