Chicken Cheese Pasta Recipe
Chicken Cheese Pasta Recipe

Chicken Cheese Pasta Recipe
100% Hygienic Recipe

Wondering about a dish pasta, either it is sweet dish or salty? So, stop thinking to much. You should be concerned with its etymology rather than thinking about is it sweet dish or salty. Although Chicken cheese pasta recipe is delicious and comes with much tastier spices and ingredients. But did you know that the originality of pasta doesn’t concern with either it is Chicken cheese pasta recipe or another one.

So let’s move toward its etymology and popularity in short interval of time. Initially, the chicken cheese pasta recipe was not known because they just tested wheat in the form of pasta. Italy is the only country which is known as pasta introducers. Earlier than 14th to 15th century, a city of Italy starts cooking wheat in mixture with egg and or another ingredient. Then they converted it into different forms after baking and frying both. They also Introduce such form of pasta which can be cooked in oven as well. They even cook pasta with the mixture of chicken and name it as Chicken cheese pasta.  The use of Cheese was introduced later than this recipe.

Pasta is not the original word. It is derived from an Italian word which means in English pasta. And also that word is derived from Arabic language When pasta got famed then in no more time or likely to say nearly in 18th century it got published in different cook books by more than 27 or may be above it names and shapes. But the Chicken cheese pasta recipe is the one which is mostly Cooked in every region or state. Its names of shapes varies according to locations. People got intoxicated with this recipe.

When English and Britain get known to this recipe, they add chicken and cheese and other ingredients to enhance its taste. And soon it got popular by the name of Chicken cheese pasta recipe. And after it travel from Britain to Asia and in India and Pakistan, it got famed and started to eaten by people with different forms and Ingredients. This chicken cheese pasta recipe is too delicious and easy that you can cook it at home and within few minutes. Also it is not cost effective to buy.

Quick cook, a name of taste is today here with this  delicious and mouth watering dish of Chicken cheese pasta. As we always focus on the health and budget of our customers, so we bring this recipe with such ingredients that can be available at any shop and it is not too costly to buy. You can also buy cooked chicken cheese pasta from our Quick Cook app.

So try this delicious recipe with our described recipe and kindly inform us with your reviews after preparation of your dish with our recipe.

Cooking Time:  10-20 minutes


1TBL spoon cooking oil
2 boiled tomatoes
100gm Chicken
1 cup pasta boiled
2 TBL Mozzarella Cheese

Spices (Masala Jaat)

Salt as per taste
1 Tea spoon white pepper


  1. Take a pan and pour 1 TBL spoon oil in it, and when it become hot put boiled tomatoes in it.
  2. As our tomatoes are already boiled, so just press and rub it through cooking utensil. It would become like paste.
  3.  Now add chicken in it and also salt and pepper.
  4.  Mix it well and fry for 2 minutes.
  5.  After frying for two minutes when its color got changed then cover the pan with lid and leave it for cooking for 5minutes.
  6. Uncover the lid and check either your chicken become soft or not.
  7. Don’t add water in it. Chicken would soft with its own water.
  8. Cover the lid again and leave it to cook for 2 minutes( if chicken is not still soft)
  9. Now uncover the lid after 2 minutes. Water will be dried and chicken would become soft.
  10. Fry it for 2 to 3 minutes more.
  11. Add that pasta which is boiled and mix it well.
  12. Fry for 2 minutes with chicken.
  13. Add cheese on it and cover the lid for 5 minutes on low flame. So, that cheese melt and got mix into pasta.
  14. Your chicken cheese pasta is ready to eat and serve.

Serve and enjoy!

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Article by: Adnan Ali


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