Crispy Box Patties Recipe
Crispy Box Patties Recipe

Crispy box patties Recipe
100% Crispy Wow Recipe

Crispy box patties Recipe. It is mostly liked in Pakistan.  There are other shapes of it like round shape which you can see at every bakery in Pakistan. Initially, according to some surveys and researches people say that the form of sandwich which is later converted into patties and burger and other forms were introduced by an American lady. She basically prepared it by adding chicken with two slices of bread that was first Crispy box patties Recipe. Then by the passage of time people made changes in recipe and also its shape according to their culture and taste.  

Although it is one of most delicious fast food items which can be easily cooked at home. It is not costly and too difficult like other fast food items and also its recipe and ingredients are easily available at different shops. We will breif Crispy box patties Recipe . As it is prepared with vegetables also so it reduces the risk of any digestion problems and other fats effect on health. It is also beneficial for non-vegetarians as they can prepare it without chicken.

Its main ingredients are vegetable and chicken. These two things make it tastier. But in this Crispy box patties Recipe, we will cook patties with vegetables and chicken also. We took care of our customer that’s why we bring this recipe with organic and halal ingredients.

Quick cook a name of taste, made it is easy to prepare this delicious and low-cost dish by having a taste full Crispy box patties Recipe. You can cook it and made it ready to serve in minutes. Whenever, guests arrive at your home try this recipe for serving them. No need to go at bakery for purchasing already cooked items. Cook it at your home to be sure of what you added in it. After preparing your patties with this recipe kindly inform us with your reviews.    

Cooking Time: 20-30 minutes


Main Ingredients:

Roll Patti as per need
Cabbage, shrimp Pepper, Carrot (all these in sliced form)
1 small onion
1 TBL spoon Ginger/Garlic paste
Green Onion
500gm Chicken Boiled

Spices (Masala jaat):

2 TBL Spoon Chili Sauce
1 TBL spoon Soya sauce, Vinegar
½ tea spoon Chaat Masala
1 tea spoon Paprika Powder
Salt as per Taste
1 TBL Black Pepper
1 TBL spoon White Pepper


  1. Pour 3 TBL spoon oil in fry pan or any of your utensil.
  2. Add onion in hot oil and fry for 2 minutes to make it soft.
  3. Now add ginger and garlic paste and mix it with soft onion.
  4. Add chicken and fry it for short interval of time.
  5. Now add green onion and mix it with chicken.
  6. After mixing green onion thoroughly add Cabbage, shrimp Pepper, Carrot and start mixing all these ingredients.
  7. As carrot and cabbage is hard so cook it for at least 2-3 minutes till it become soft.
  8. Add vinegar, chili sauce and soya sauce and mix it.
  9. Add all spices and mix it well as you need or according to your taste.
  10. Cover your pan with lid at least 2 minutes and reduce flame.
  11. Remove the lid and see your all ingredients are ready to be filed in role.
  12. Turn your burner off and wait till it got chilled to fill in role.
  13. Tor down role Patti into two pieces in center and add ketchup or BBQ sauce it’s up to you which you like.
  14. Prepare a paste of meda and water to make joint of these role Patties and rub that paste on one piece of Patti and put another piece of Patti on it.
  15. Pour some ketchup or BBQ sauce in center of that Patti then put some mixture of that chicken and vegetables then fold each sides of these patties by rubbing it with paste of Meda and water.
  16. Make all patties as described before now put all these patties in hot oil and fry it till brownish color now its ready.

Serve it and Enjoy.         


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