Dahi Baray Recipe
Dahi Baray Recipe

Dahi Baray Recipe
100% Hygienic Recipe

Dahi Baray Recipe . Today at quick cook we present you with another very healthy recipe in our collection of yummy snacks. You can consider this recipe a snack or even a full meal the choice is  yours.  The best thing about our recipes is that you can be fully confident that they are prepared according to best hygienic measures.  At quick cook guaranteed taste and health both go hand in hand with this Dahi Baray Recipe.

These sweltering summer and long fasts call for something yummy to look  out for. Our creamy Dahi Baray Recipe or Dahi Vada recipe will definitely quench your thirst. This recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and savory with creamy satin looking yogurt flowing smoothly over the crumbly vadas and the perfect blend of spices as a topping. Pair it up with fresh coriander and mint and the whiff will make these challenging times a lot easier.  Since our culture remains incomplete without these rich and grand meals hence, this summer is the best time to introduce our traditions with Dahi Baray Recipe.

If you still need reasons to prepare this dish read on to the HEALTH BENEFITS OF Dahi Baray Recipe.


Dahi Baray Recipe. Dahi Baray are deep friend snacks which are prepared in most of Pakistani homes on special occasions such as eids, parties, ramazan etc. There are different ways to prepare vadas in dahi vada. They can be prepared using flour, besan or lentils. In our Dahi Baray Recipe we will tell you the best way to prepare them.

The softness of succulent vadas blended with organic yogurt will surely tickle your taste buds and will keep you asking for more. However, you don’t need to panic about eating a lot of dahi baras since they are very light and low on calories infact they can even help in shedding those extra pounds since the yogurt used is unsweetened and low on fat.

Even though it is a snack but  it offers you numerous  health benefits like calcium and protein along with giving a treat to your taste buds. Here we are with Dahi Baray Recipe.
Furthermore, it is a rich source of energy and can be used for your weight loss regimen. Dahi baras can be eaten in place of your main meal as well.
This smooth and velvety meal will keep you full for a long time.  Yogurt is not only good for your digestive system and immunity but you will be surprised to know that it also acts as a moisturizer for your dry skin. By incorporating yogurt  in your daily diet you will soon find your skin thanking you. The added potassium and magnesium can help in lowering blood pressure. Hence, proved that eating dahi baray occasionally can set you on the road to a healthy heart.  The fritters more commonly known as dahi baray are made up of lentils and the batter is made up of chick pea flour.  You can also eat them with chick peas or chollay.

.Warning: This palatable dish will make you drooling and the crusty edges of your baray will have you asking for more.

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Preparation Time: 25-30 mins


Ingredients  to Make Baray

1 cup gram flour
Water as required
1 tea spoon red chili crushed flakes
1 tea spoon zeera powder
1 table spoon salt
1 table spoon baking powder
1 table spoon red chili powder

Ingredients for Chaat

Half kg of fresh yogurt
Two Onions. Cut the onions in rings
Two to three Green chilies
Handful of Coriander leaves
Two to Three fresh tomatoes chopped in slices
1 table spoon Chaat masala
1 table spoon zeera powder
1 table spoon red chili powder or according to taste
Salt as required or according to taste
Dahi baray previously cooked and soaked in water for 2 minutes


  1. Now take a bowl and add all of your ingredients and make a batter of thick consistency. Remember to be careful as your batter shouldn’t be thin.
  2. Keep it aside and take a pan.
  3. Add oil in the pan and wait for it to heat.
  4. Now make your baray with the batter. The process is the same as making pakoras.
  5. Wait until your baray becomes a golden brown color and are fluffy.
  6. Take water in a bowl and add your baray in the bowl.
  7. Soak them in water for 2 minutes and press them to squeeze out the excess water.
  8. Now add your ingredients of making dahi and mix baray in dahi as  well.
  9. Garnish them with onions and tomatoes and top them up with green chilli, chaat masala and coriander

Serve and enjoy!

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Article by: Khaula Mansoor


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