Rasmalai Recipe
Rasmalai Recipe

Rasmalai Recipe
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Rasmalai Recipe. We all are found of eating sweets.  Most of the people buy sweets from bakeries and Halwai shops (halwai is pronounced in India and Pakistan, the person which prepare sweets). If we talk about the word “Ras” our Pakistani knows very well about juices which are pronounced as rus in Urdu. And the word “Malai” refers to something prepared with milk. Here’s Rasmalai Recipe.

According to research of Wikipedia, Rasmalai Recipe an Indian dish mainly prepared in western India, The Bengal. According to grandson of K.C Das this recipe is prepared by K.C Das. However, it is one of most favorite dishes of India and eaten by their citizens in different states.

Not only in India, when Rasmalai Recipe got famed it travel from India to Pakistan and Bangladesh also. May be it is eaten by western countries. But mostly it is eaten by Indians and Pakistanis. Many people change its shapes to make it more delicious. Quick cook a name of taste also brings the tasty and delicious Rasmalai Recipe by mentioning all its ingredients. We will help you to prepare this awesome sweet dish of Rasmalai Recipe at your home within short time.

All the ingredients which we mention in this recipe are not too costly to buy. Even it is available at all your nearby shops. When you will prepare it at your home then you will get to know how you save your money from purchasing it from bakeries. After preparing this dish kindly give your reviews about this recipe. It will help us to know about your taste, we may bring here more recipes. So, let’s start:            

Cooking time: 30-40 minutes


1.5 liter Milk (boiled)
1 packet Rusmalai
Sugar as per taste
Almonds and Peanuts (optional)
 1 Egg
4 to 5 spoon Cooking oil


  1. Take a pot or pan.
  2. Pour Milk in it and boil it on low flame.
  3. Boil it till it remains ½ liter.
  4.  Open the packet of Rasmalai and put it in pan.
  5. Add oil in it and mix it surely.
  6. Now add egg in it slowly in this mixing process.
  7. Add whole egg and mix it with hands to make paste of it.
  8. Rub your hands with cooking oil to prevent it from sticking paste on hands.
  9. Make small balls of this paste.
  10. Now the milk which is boiled, add sugar in it and mix it.
  11. Add those Rasmalai balls which you made in it.
  12. Don’t shake it or try to touch your utensil with it.
  13. Make it cook from one side. When one side is baked then turn it with the help of spoon with care.
  14. When these balls cooked nicely then bring it out carefully.
  15. Boil remaining milk till 5 to 7 minutes.
  16. After it become thick add it in pieces of Rasmalai.
  17. Your tasty Rusmalai is ready to eat and serve.
  18. To make it tastier put it in freezer and serve it after it got chilled.
  19. You will taste it as same you buy from bakeries.

Serve it in dish and Enjoy its taste.       

Article by: Adnan Ali


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