Coronavirus and Food Delivery with Safety Measurements
Coronavirus and Food Delivery with Safety Measurements

Coronavirus and
Food Delivery with
Safety Measurements

Coronavirus and Food Delivery with Safety Measurements. Covid-19 is a virus basically spread through animals like bats. Its first case was reported in Wuhan a city of china. Soon it cover up the whole word and start infecting people and their related everything. People start dying day by day and the death rate increase to much that all world can’t control it. Quick cook, today giving you awareness about this infectious virus. We will also tell our customers about our precautionary measurements which we adopt in our Quick cook store. We Provide Food Delivery with Safety Measurements.

Now a days, there is sufficient amount of ventilators and other medical equipment  to fight with Coronavirus. This virus doesn’t only infected people also have its fatal impact on food crisis and food beverages. According to research food crisis will increase with great ratio at the end of this virus. People already facing food problem and crisis due to environmental problem or lack of growing facilities. But as this pandemic situation arrive and this virus forced every field to close so that’s why food crisis may increase with insignificant amount or ratio. But Quick cook is providing you, your favorite meal by making all safety preservations for food delivery with safety measurements.

International department of food crisis and production asks governments to make sure that they have enough food to supply and eat during this pandemic situation. However, every country is trying to make their food needs fulfil through their own agriculture. But these efforts seems not to be enough.

WHO also releases many recommendations and preservations for food Delivery with Safety measurements. These efforts would help us to maintain food preparation and distribution even in coronavirus spreading  condition. Fast food store and ready to eat making stores should adopt these rules or regulations to prevent food from any cross of bacteria or virus through it. As Quick cook is also providing you ready to eat meals and also fresh fast foods by keeping all these sops in mind. Our customers health is our first priority. That’s why we always deliver quality instead of delivering bot system like exchange of money by food.

Coronavirus and Safety Measurements

Awareness and training of staff:

Your staff should be trained about sops and other instructions given from government and provisional offices. Place or hang charts having content about how to keep clean yourself and the place. Before entrance in the store. Check every employee’s body temperature or other symptoms to make sure that no one is ill. If you find anyone of symptoms in your employees, call immediately for ambulance or medical staff to take him or her to hospital or if you have any separate room then send him/her to that room for isolation. No need to close your food point for this crisis as the patient of coronavirus can get healthier in no more time. He / she just has to spend 14 days in quarantine, if the symptoms are gone then even WHO recommend for isolation of 14 days then he or she can again come to duty. So don’t afraid of coronavirus just adopt these precautionary measurements to avoid illness.

Quick cook has maintained these awareness and training of staff. Our staff is fully trained to avoid this infectious coronavirus. We allow our workers to enter in store after checking their body temperature and also other symptoms.  We can compromise on prices but can’t on our customers health. We take care of all these things for food delivery with safety measurements to stop spreading this virus.

Maintaining social distance in staff:

Try to maintain a social distance of 1 meter approximately 3 feet from one worker to another. And if any of them got a symptom then make sure that those workers which are working with him are safe. Mark out places of working by measuring the distance. It would help to keep remember for social distance.

We are also maintaining social distance in our staff as well as in our customers that visits our store for purchasing food. Quick cook is trying to make sure that social distance is maintained every time. However, we take many strict actions for this and doesn’t allow any worker to cross social distance of 1 meter. We are providing our customers with door to door food delivery with safety measurements to avoid spreading this  coronavirus. This service is only for Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Soon it will be available in all big cities of Pakistan.

Coronavirus and Food Delivery with Safety Measurements
Coronavirus and Food Delivery with Safety Measurements

Providing Disposable equipment:

The workers which are working for cutting or preparing ingredients for food should wear mask and hand gloves. Don’t touch your hand or face with that gloves. Doesn’t make any miss conception that if you  wear gloves then you wouldn’t get infected by this disease. The germs of Coronavirus stay even after taking off your gloves. No even after leaving gloves wash your hands with sanitizer or soap for 30 seconds. Gloves can touch your hand when you are taking it off and cause for germs. Also avoid to touch Handles and locks of room when you are preparing food.

Food is not the medium for virus spreading. Actually virus needs an host for its effect. This host can be an animal or human. But virus can also live alive approximately 72 hours at any place so it can be on food. That’s why these precautions are necessary for food delivery with safety measurements.

Quick cook has provided all equipment and Safety tools to their workers to take care of themselves as well as our food. Face mask, sanitizers and disposable clothes or towels for rubbing hand with after washing or after preparing food.

Food Preparation place/kitchen:

Kitchen should be sanitized with the solution of alcohol and other sanitizing chemical. It would help to prevent food from germs of virus during preparation. Try to place walk through gates which contain 360 spray systems of alcohol and other chemical to prevent kitchen from entrance of virus through any body. These are the basic steps anyone can do it in their kitchen for food delivery with safety measurements.  Make all these precautionary measurements while bringing food from retail stores. As there may be crowd and you don’t know who is ill or not. So, maintain social distance there and wash raw food or ingredients with warm water and then use it for preparation of dishes.

Our kitchen staff is very eager and curious about taking care of their own and our customers health. We all know that this disease is still cannot be cured by any vaccine of medicine. It can be defeated only by washing hands and taking care of precautionary measurements. Therefore, Quick cook has trained its kitchen staff to ready to face this situation and also provide taste to our beloved customers.

Food Delivery with Safety Measurements

Our delivery staff:

Quick cook has also best delivery service in the region for food delivery with safety measurements. We trained our food delivery boys to avoid touching hand from any customer and sanitize your hand before delivering food and after it. Coronavirus can also spread through washable or utensils use for sending food. That’s why we deliver food in Disposable pack to avoid entrance of germs to food.

So don’t afraid of this virus. Just pray for getting rid of such infectious Coronavirus. Make Quick cook your choice to avoid compromising on your health. Don’t worry about prices or rates. We also make many deals and discounts on each and every food.  We take care of our customers health and Budget both. So it would be lite at your pocket and also at your health. As we prepare food with all organic and naturally grown ingredients. Quick cook is rendering service of providing hygienic food from years to make top leading brand of food from Pakistan. So stay at home and order online for food. To order food online download our app from play store. Install it and just sign up with your Gmail or mobile number. Order food online and it would be there in minutes.

Stay home stay safe.
Quick cook your taste partner.

Article By: Adnan Ali



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